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Information about Child Safety: Blinds, Chains and Cords

Blind cords or chains (and any other hanging cords, chains or ropes) can pose a risk for young children who could injure or strangle themselves on hanging looped cords.

The Child Safety Regulations are now Law and are published as British Standards: 

BS EN 13120:2009+A1:2014 – Performance requirements including safety

BS EN 16433:2014 – Protection from strangulation hazards – Test methods

BS EN 16434:2014 – Protection from strangulation hazards – Test methods for safety devices

These Regulations set the benchmark for establishing the minimum acceptable standard for the safe design, manufacture and installation of internal blinds, as required by the General Product Safety Regulations 2005. 

To comply with the regulations, we will ask you for the installation height when we make your blinds as this has a bearing on the maximum continuous chain drop allowed. The chain must then be attached using our chain safety device to minimise the risk of strangulation. Full instructions are included if you fit your own blind.

We will:

  1. make sure all warning labels are attached
  2. safety toggles are fitted
  3. the chain is either at least 150cm above the ground and fitted with our Chain Safety Device


The chain is fitted with our chain breaker and is at least 60cm above the ground